Contemporary Fiction

Welcome to the Weird America by A.G. Pasquella

A.G. Pasquella’s Welcome to the Weird America brings together three of his brilliant, fabulist novellas, each of which is filled…

3 weeks ago

The Rooftop Garden by Menaka Raman-Wilms

The Rooftop Garden is a novel about Nabila, a researcher who studies seaweed in warming oceans, and her childhood friend…

2 months ago

The Ice Widow by Anne M. Smith-Nochasak

The Ice Widow is a different kind of love story, yet one more common than we may know.

3 months ago

Man or Mango? by Lucy Ellmann

By the Booker-shortlisted author of Ducks, Newburyport, a formally madcap and prescient novel about men (and women), mangos (and bees),…

3 months ago

King of Hope by Kim Conklin

King of Hope brings Southern Ontario Gothic with an environmental twist, through the lens of a small town that’s been…

3 months ago

Radioland by Matt Cahill

In Matt Cahill’s novel, Radioland, something evil is stalking the streets of Toronto and people are dying in grisly fashion.

4 months ago

Excerpt: Hold on please, Emily by Doris Siu

An excerpt from Doris Siu's novel, Hold On Please, Emily.

6 months ago

Noisemaker by Andy Tolson

Part ghost story, part fictionalized memoir, Noisemaker is a love letter to when thrashing guitars, pounding drums, and the three…

6 months ago

A Convergence of Solitudes by Anita Anand

A story of identity, connection and forgiveness, A Convergence of Solitudes shares the lives of two families across Partition of…

7 months ago

The Sisters Sputnik: A Novel, by Terri Favro

Ingenious, smoothly written, and funny, at times bitingly so, Terri Favro's The Sisters Sputnik is well worth a read.

9 months ago

Matters of Time: An Outliers Anthology

Five years after their initial meeting at a Lindsay coffee shop, a writing group known as The Outliers has released…

11 months ago

The Swells by Will Aitken

In this darkly hilarious satire by the inimitable Will Aitken, class war erupts aboard a luxury cruise ship.

11 months ago

To See Out the Night by David Clerson

Visceral, surprising, and surreal, these twelve stories from David Clerson move from the charged darkness of the woods to the…

1 year ago

One Who Has Been Here Before by Becca Babcock

Contemporary Atlantic gothic fiction inspired by Nova Scotia's notorious Goler clan.

1 year ago

How to Murder a Marriage by Gabrielle St. George

Gina Malone, a bestselling relationships advice author and expert on exes, meddles in other people's affairs for a living. It…

1 year ago

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