Creative Fiction

Apastoral by Lee D. Thompson

Harold "Bones" Malone has become an unnatural thing. Convicted of murder, he is tried and sentenced to become Constock, a…

2 months ago

Everything You Dream is Real by Lisa de Nikolits

Hilarious and at the same time poignant, Everything You Dream Is Real is a fabulous, adventure-filled sequel to highly acclaimed…

3 months ago

Nether Regions by Randal Graham

Gear up for laughter in the hereafter as Socrates sets out to assassinate every soul who can remember the mortal…

4 months ago

Léa by Ariela Freedman

Based on the life of famed activist Léa Roback, this novel brings to life a heroine emboldened by political struggles…

5 months ago

Inhaled: A Novel Based on a True Story by Nathalie Guilbeault

Inhaled tells the story of a woman who indulges in a weekend of revenge sex as her marriage is faltering.…

5 months ago

Mad Honey by Katie Welch

Mad Honey immerses the reader in a search for truth bounded by the everyday magic of beekeeping, family and finding…

7 months ago

The Barrens: A Novel of Love and Death in the Canadian Arctic by Kurt Johnson and Ellie Johnson

This riveting debut is at once a white-water adventure, coming-of-age novel, and tale of tragic love—and an extraordinary father-daughter collaboration.

9 months ago

Excerpt: Call Me Stan

Published by Guernica Editions, Call Me Stan is the story of a man endlessly struggling to adjust as the world keeps changing…

12 months ago

Natural Selection by Diane McGyver

The year is 2051. Almost three decades have passed since the Devastation destroyed civilization. Only the strong and wise survived;…

1 year ago

Under an Outlaw Moon by Deitrich Kalteis

Under an Outlaw Moon is based on the true story of Depression-era bank robbers Bennie and Stella Mae Dickson. She’s…

1 year ago

Because Venus Crossed An Alpine Violet On The Day That I Was Born by Mona Høvring, trans. Kari Dickson and Rachel Rankin

In a hotel, high up in a mountain village, two sisters aim to reconnect after distant years that contrast their…

1 year ago

Open Your Heart by Alexie Morin, Translated by Aimee Wall

In this frank and unforgettable book, celebrated Québécois writer Alexie Morin becomes the subject of her own story as she…

1 year ago

Watershed by Doreen Vanderstoop

In her debut novel, Watershed, Doreen Vanderstoop envisions a future in which water, a life-giving resource that we take for granted,…

1 year ago

Murder on the Orford Mountain Railway by Nick Fonda

On a warm August evening in 1905, a 12-year old boy is shot in the back and killed near the…

2 years ago

Gutter Child by Jael Richardson

Jael Richardson's debut novel, Gutter Child (2021, HarperCollins Canada)* is a forceful one that shines a spotlight on racism, colonization…

2 years ago

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