A World of Curiosities by Louise Penny

Penny’s masterful writing makes for smooth reading, and her knack for arousing curiosity about what comes next pulls the reader…

2 months ago

The Madness of Crowds by Louise Penny

Penny keeps the reader guessing until the end . . . The Madness of Crowds moves at a brisk pace,…

3 months ago

Fenian Street by Anne Emery

Shay Rynne grew up in the Corporation Flats ― public housing ― in Fenian Street, Dublin. He has always toyed…

4 months ago

Operation Masonic by Helen C. Escott

The Freemasons' Most Worshipful Grand Master has been murdered. His body has been laid out in the ritualistic Chamber of…

4 months ago

The Crooked Knife: A Nell Munro Mystery by Jan Morrison

Constable Nell Munro is angry and in danger of losing her job. A teacher, Jay Tuck, has been found dead,…

5 months ago

Nine Dash Line by Emily Saso

A thrilling novel about two people stranded under mysterious circumstances in the South China Sea, battling the memories of the…

5 months ago

Maple Springs by Pierre C. Arseneault

In the town of Maples Springs dark forces are at play as people go missing, heartbreak that residents just brush…

6 months ago

State of Terror, by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny

Though State of Terror revolves around a different cast of characters, and different settings, than most of Penny’s other books,…

6 months ago

A Rip Through Time by Kelley Armstrong

In A Rip Through Time, New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong introduces a brand-new series mixing mystery, romance, and…

7 months ago

White Lightning by Melissa Yi

Hope Sze escapes for a romantic weekend away at the Rumrunner's Rest, a Roaring Twenties inn once celebrated both for…

9 months ago

How to Murder a Marriage by Gabrielle St. George

Gina Malone, a bestselling relationships advice author and expert on exes, meddles in other people's affairs for a living. It…

1 year ago

Three for Trinity by Kevin Major

In Three for Trinity, the third book in the Sebastian Synard Mystery series, offbeat humour meets suspense as a nefarious…

1 year ago

The Devil to Pay: An Inspector Green Mystery by Barbara Fradkin

When a man disappears, the police conclude he is simply fleeing an unhappy home and a mountain of debt. Then…

1 year ago

Death on Darby’s Island by Alice Walsh

Death on Darby's Island is a murder-mystery set in the outport community of Darby's Island in the mid-seventies.

2 years ago

The Hanged Woman’s Daughter by Nellie P. Strowbridge

The Hanged Woman’s Daughter Newfoundland, 1835 Where does a person go when she loses her family, her home, and her…

2 years ago

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