Short Stories

Her First Palestinian and Other Stories by Saeed Teebi

Elegant, surprising stories about Palestinian immigrants in Canada navigating their identities in circumstances that push them to the emotional brink.

2 weeks ago

Taobao by Dan. K Woo

In twelve spare, fable-like short stories Dan K. Woo introduces us to a fascinating cast of characters from different regions…

1 month ago

God Isn’t Here Today: Stories by Francine Cunningham

The stories in Francine Cunningham’s debut collection God Isn’t Here Today ricochet between form and genre, taking readers on a…

3 months ago

The Octopus Has Three Hearts by Rachel Rose

Rachel Rose’s finely tuned sense of irony is evident in this collection, which embraces the strange and unexpected, exploring the…

3 months ago

River People by Wayne Curtis

River People is Wayne Curtis's collection of short stories set in the Miramichi River Valley of New Brunswick.

4 months ago

Excerpt: Bodies in Trouble by Diane Carley

Bodies in Trouble, depicts characters coping with faltering relationships, simmering violence, and light-drenched visions.

4 months ago

Dream Signs: Stories by Melanie Bell

Dream Signs is a collection of short stories that takes you on multiple journeys through multiple worlds, all unified by…

5 months ago

Cut Road by Brent Van Staalduinen

Cut Road is a masterful exploration of the loss and scars that conflict always leaves behind.

5 months ago

Toast Soldiers by Bruce Meyer

Toast Soldiers is a evocative short story collection from award-winning poet and author, Bruce Meyer. Stunningly dark and full of…

6 months ago

Rafael Has Pretty Eyes by Elaine McCluskey

The seventeen stories in Elaine McCluskey’s latest collection, Rafael Has Pretty Eyes, follow characters who have reached a four-way stop…

6 months ago

To See Out the Night by David Clerson

Visceral, surprising, and surreal, these twelve stories from David Clerson move from the charged darkness of the woods to the…

7 months ago

Fear the Mirror by Cora Siré

In Fear the Mirror, Cora Siré brings together thirteen stories of moments that have marked the dark intersections within her…

7 months ago

Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth by Christopher Evans

Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth is peopled by strays — those who fall for the allure of nostalgia,…

7 months ago

Best Canadian Stories 2021, edited by Diane Schomperlen

Selected by guest editor Diane Schoemperlen, the 2021 edition of Best Canadian Stories continues not only a series, but a…

8 months ago

Shapers of Worlds Volume II Edited by Edward Willett

Featuring a wide range of authors and settings, Shapers of Worlds Volume II performs the function of a speculative fiction…

9 months ago

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