Speculative Fiction

Bad Actors: Second Pi in the Face by Ira Nayman

As anyone familiar with Nayman’s work might expect, Bad Actors is steeped in humour in a variety of forms, including…

3 months ago

All the Seas of the World by Guy Gavriel Kay

All the Seas of the World . . . provides the reader with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a…

4 months ago

The Sisters Sputnik: A Novel, by Terri Favro

Ingenious, smoothly written, and funny, at times bitingly so, Terri Favro's The Sisters Sputnik is well worth a read.

5 months ago

The Quiet is Loud by Samantha Garner

The Quiet Is Loud is an intergenerational tale of familial love and betrayal, and what happens when we refuse to…

5 months ago

Lucy and Bonbon: A Novel, by Don LePan

Lucy and Bonbon is the story of mother and child, and of the controversy that swirls around them over the…

6 months ago

The Sick Box by Matthew Fries

In Matthew Fries' novel The Sick Box, wanna-be advice columnist, Ben Matthews, is faced with a ridiculous problem that even…

6 months ago

Dream Signs: Stories by Melanie Bell

Dream Signs is a collection of short stories that takes you on multiple journeys through multiple worlds, all unified by…

6 months ago

Matters of Time: An Outliers Anthology

Five years after their initial meeting at a Lindsay coffee shop, a writing group known as The Outliers has released…

7 months ago

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