First Book

Unrest by Emma Côté

Brisk, observational, and darkly comic, Unrest is both a road trip story and a touching eulogy on life, death, and…

2 days ago

Some Hellish by Nicholas Herring

Some Hellish is a story about anguish and salvation, the quiet grace and patience of transformation, the powers of addiction…

2 weeks ago

Birth Road by Michelle Wamboldt

Episodic in nature, Birth Road by Michell Wamboldt tells the story of Helen, a young woman from Truro, whose life…

2 weeks ago

A Gelato A Day: True Stories of Family Travel, Edited by Claudia Laroye

A Gelato A Day is a collection of travel tales that highlights the good, the bad and the not-really-that-ugly of…

4 weeks ago

Excerpt: FINDING EDWARD, A Novel by Sheila Murray

An excerpt from Sheila Murray's debut novel, Finding Edward from Cormorant Books.

5 months ago

Secrets of the Sprakkar by Eliza Reid

The Canadian first lady of Iceland pens a book about why this tiny nation is leading the charge in gender…

7 months ago

Antonyms for Daughter by Jenny Boychuk

Antonyms for Daughter, Jenny Boychuk's poetry debut, addresses a harrowing subject: the loss of the poet's mother to addiction. Deploying…

9 months ago

The Blue Moth Motel by Olivia Robinson

The Blue Moth Motel deals with family dynamics, grief, and the concept of home.

10 months ago

Review of Pebble Swing by Isabella Wang and None of This Belongs to Me by Ellie Sawatsky

Two debut poetry collections from Nightwood Editions are reviewed by Catherine Owen, "Pebble Swing" by Isabella Wang, and "None of…

10 months ago

Even the Sidewalk Could Tell: How I Came Out to My Wife, My Three Children, and the World by Alon Ozery

What does it cost to live an inauthentic life? If anyone knows, it’s Alon Ozery. Born in Toronto to an…

10 months ago

Gold Pours by Aurore Gatwenzi

In this debut collection by emerging poet Aurore Gatwenzi, a stunning new voice emerges as she shares the experience of…

11 months ago

The Pump by Sydney Warner Brooman

For fans of Shirley Jackson and Alice Munro, a Gothic collection of stories featuring carnivorous beavers, art-eaters, and family intrigue.

1 year ago

Maker by Jim Upton

Nicole Fortin is on the cusp of realizing a long-held dream when her life takes a sudden turn. Instead of…

1 year ago

Watershed by Doreen Vanderstoop

In her debut novel, Watershed, Doreen Vanderstoop envisions a future in which water, a life-giving resource that we take for granted,…

1 year ago

The Knowing Animals by Emily Skov-Nielsen

In Skov-Nielsen's thrumming debut, The Knowing Animals, our consciousness is interconnected with the surrounding trees, bugs, rivers, atmospheres, and cosmos.

1 year ago

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