Three Million Acres of Flame by Valerie Sherrard

Three Million Acres of Flame (2007, Dundurn Press) is a historical novel by Miramichi author Valerie Sherrard. It tells the story of young Skye Haverill and her family and friends against the backdrop of the Great Miramichi Fire of 1825, one of the largest forest fires ever recorded in North American history.


Fourteen year old Skye Haverill and her family are living near Newcastle, on the north side of the Miramichi River when, on October 7th, a large forest fire advances on the community overtaking homes, livestock and humans as the extremely dry conditions that summer assist in the rapid spread of the fire.… Continue reading

Two History Titles of Note from Nimbus

I recently had the pleasure of reading two titles from Nimbus Publishing:

  • Failures and Fiascos by Dan Soucoup
  • New Brunswick’s Early Roads by Ronald Rees

Each of these books will appeal to the Atlantic Canada armchair historian and are handy as a reference work in themselves.

The first book, Failures and Fiascos, is subtitled “Atlantic Canada’s Biggest Boondoggles” and is full of good ideas poorly executed, crazy ideas impossible to execute, bad deals, deals that should not have been made and so on.… Continue reading

The Interrupted Forest by Neil Rolde

The Interrupted ForestLiving in New  Brunswick as I do, it is only inevitable that any access to the U.S. from here must come through the state of Maine. Over the years, my wife & I have enjoyed many vacations in Maine whether it was “Down East” (Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island) or in the western mountain and lakes region (Rangeley, Moosehead). On a recent trip to Rangeley, I was quick to stop into Books, Lines and Thinkers, an independent bookseller with whom I have visited on a previous trip.… Continue reading

Canadian Stories of the Sea Edited by Victor Suthren

A great place to pick up used books (other than a used bookstore) are thrift shops. I found this book in a Value Village in Fredericton and purchased it for $2. The editor, Victor Suthren (a sailor himself) has done an excellent job of collecting various Canadian sea stories and organising them chronologically. In addition, he writes a brief introduction to each chapter as well a paragraph acting as a sort of segue into the next story.… Continue reading

Letters Home: Maritimers and the Great War, 1914-1918 edited by Ross Hebb

This is a real gem of a book and one that any Canadian interested in WWI would enjoy to read; Maritimers especially since all the letters are from soldiers (and a nurse) from Atlantic Canada. Ross Hebb has done a masterful job of editing, collecting and categorizing quite a number of private letters donated by family members to create this insightful, at times entertaining and thoughtful book.… Continue reading

New Brunswick: An Illustrated History by Ronald Rees

Being fairly new to New Brunswick (I moved here in 2008), I really didn’t know much about its history despite growing up only one province away in Ontario. I had visited here once before in the 80’s on a camping trip to the east coast, but other than that, NB was virtually unknown to me. Hence, I was on the lookout for a book on its past.… Continue reading