Noisemaker by Andy Tolson

Part ghost story, part fictionalized memoir, Noisemaker is a love letter to when thrashing guitars, pounding drums, and the three…

2 months ago

Brit Happens: Or Living the Canadian Dream by James Mullinger

From the highs and lows of London to beginning anew in New Brunswick, Brit Happens tells gut-busting stories of success…

2 months ago

The Sick Box by Matthew Fries

In Matthew Fries' novel The Sick Box, wanna-be advice columnist, Ben Matthews, is faced with a ridiculous problem that even…

6 months ago

Sick in Bed Across Two Chairs, with My Feet out Through the Window by Laurie Blackwood Pike

Grandpa Pike may not have "seen it all," but he has a lifetime of encounters-both serious and humourous-from his life…

10 months ago

An Embarrassment Of Critch’s: Immature Stories from My Grown-Up Life by Mark Critch

The heartfelt and hilarious story of beloved Canadian comedian Mark Critch's journey from Newfoundland to the national stage--and back home…

10 months ago

Buffoon by Anosh Irani

Three-time Governor General’s Literary Award–shortlisted author and playwright Anosh Irani’s critically acclaimed one-man show Buffoon is a masterclass of tragicomic…

11 months ago

Unfiltered: An Irreverent History of Beer in Nova Scotia by Steven Laffoley

After extensive initial research, author Steven Laffoley discovered that the history of beer in Nova Scotia was as cloudy as…

11 months ago

The Liquor Vicar by Vince R. Ditrich

Reduced to DJing rural weddings, Tony Vicar feels the bite of failure. A frustrated and failed musician, unable to discern…

1 year ago

Fight Night by Miriam Toews

Those who enjoy appreciating cutting, witty, and sometimes dark humour with a dash of philosophical thought mixed in will find…

1 year ago

Don’t Be Talkin’: Recitations and Other Foolishness From Newfoundland and Labrador by Harry Ingram

Within Don't Be Talkin' you’ll find stories and recitations told by the incomparable performer Harry Ingram.

1 year ago

Supermarket Baby by Susan Flanagan

Who would have thought that a single dose of "cold and sinus" medication and a quick trip to the supermarket…

1 year ago

Fishnets & Fantasies by Jane Doucet

Well, well, well.  Jane Doucet, you have done it again.  Just like your first novel, The Pregnant Pause, you have…

2 years ago

The Rise and Fall of Derek Cowell by Valerie Sherrard

, the high-school years. Especially the Junior grades when you are still finding your way around a new academic setting,…

2 years ago

I Am Herod by Richard Kemick (Guest Review by Chris Benjamin)

On a whim, armchair-atheist Richard Kelly Kemick joins the 100-plus cast of The Canadian Badlands Passion Play, North America's largest…

3 years ago

Bill Arnott’s Beat: World Poetry

I was making my way across town. Town being Vancouver, BC. We have to say that as there’s another one,…

3 years ago

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