Father Fell Down the Well by Kendall Morse

A collection of traditional Maine “Downeast” stories by writer, musician and performer Kendall Morse, Father Fell Down the Well (Islandport Press, 2015) has been years in the making, figuratively and literally. The author has collected and performed these stories over a number of years, and they go back to the days of the rural Maine farms and woodlands when folks liked nothing better than to tell yarns over a cup of mulled cider while sitting on the piazza, or over to the general store where the men always seemed to congregate.Arranged in ten chapters, we are introduced to many Downeast Maine characters and the stories they tell (some of them even have a grain of truth in them), each one seeming to lead to the next crazy tale.… Continue reading

Ghost Buck: The Legacy of One Man’s Family and its Hunting Traditions by Dean Bennett

When Islandport Press sent me a copy of Ghost Buck to review, I was a little apprehensive about reading it for it is centered around an activity I have never participated in: deer hunting. I'm not even much of an outdoors person, but this book is not in actuality about hunting or wilderness skills. It is chiefly about family and the traditions that they cherish.

Full Service: Notes From the Rearview Mirror by David Hill

It’s never easy to review a book that is primarily photographs. Photographs are always beautiful, especially if they are of nature and other things that are naturally beautiful in themselves. But old, rusty abandoned cars and gas pumps? Apparently Maine photojournalist David Hill considers them beautiful, enough to scour the highways, byways and back roads of Maine to find these treasures. Full Service: Notes From the Rearview Mirror (2015 Islandport Press) is a beautiful book filled with pictures of, well, junk.… Continue reading

Closer All the Time by Jim Nichols

When you cross the border from New Brunswick into Houlton, Maine you are greeted by a sign that says: “Maine: The Way Life Should Be.” A grand statement perhaps but one difficult to find fault with after you get to know this diverse 23rd state. For the past several years my wife and I have vacationed in Maine from the mountains and lakes in the west to the sunny beaches in the east and we have always enjoyed our visits and the people we have met.… Continue reading

The Interrupted Forest by Neil Rolde

The Interrupted ForestLiving in New  Brunswick as I do, it is only inevitable that any access to the U.S. from here must come through the state of Maine. Over the years, my wife & I have enjoyed many vacations in Maine whether it was “Down East” (Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island) or in the western mountain and lakes region (Rangeley, Moosehead). On a recent trip to Rangeley, I was quick to stop into Books, Lines and Thinkers, an independent bookseller with whom I have visited on a previous trip.… Continue reading

A Great Independent Bookstore in Maine, USA

We are vacationing in Rangeley Maine for the second time in four years. In the town of Rangeley there is a great independent bookstore called “Books, Lines and Thinkers” which I had visited on a previous trip here. The owner, Wess Connally introduced me to the essays of E.B. White (the author of Charlotte’s Web) which my wife and I enjoyed reading.

On this trip, I was anxious to get back to the store; this time I was looking for a book on Maine history, something similar to the book I recently read regarding the history of New Brunswick.… Continue reading