Rising Tides: Reflections for Climate Changing Times, edited by Catriona Sandilands

In the introduction to Rising Tides, Sandilands states that climate change stories “focus increasingly on thornier questions of persistence, adaptation, resistance, and renewal” instead of apocalypse. Ultimately, the short fiction, poetry and personal climate testimonies in this climate change anthology are about hope.… Continue reading

I Am Herod by Richard Kemick (Guest Review by Chris Benjamin)

This memoir had a lot of LOL moments, and considerable depth too. I have never been that much of a spiritual searcher myself. I think I am comfortable enough with my own pseudo-scientific-magical interpretation of the universe, which seems to accommodate any and all new information, that I have never shared Richard Kemick’s need to put faith in any stories that sound to me like ancient fiction.… Continue reading

Margin of Interest: Essays on English Language Poetry of the Maritimes by Shane Neilson

As one reads through Mr. Neilson’s essays in Margin of Interest, his abundant love of poetry —particularly in this instance — shines throughout. His style of writing, while directed at academia, is approachable enough for any interested reader (think Conrad Black tempered with a dash of Leacock).… Continue reading

NOlympians: Inside the Fight Against Capitalist Mega-Sports in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Beyond by Jules Boykoff

The same day as I’m writing this review of Jules Boykoff’s NOlympians*, the CBC reported on the possibility of the Tokyo Olympics being cancelled due to fears over the Coronavirus. A microscopic virus may do what thousands of anti-Olympians want to do: shut down the Olympic games.… Continue reading

The Imperilled Ocean: Human Stories From A Changing Sea by Laura Trethewey

From a young age, I’ve always been enthralled by the ocean and what it contains. While I was raised on the edge of Lake Ontario, and the family cottage was on a small lake in Eastern Ontario, lakes didn’t provide a home for whales, sharks, orcas, octopi and other fearsome creatures, not to mention beautiful coral reefs and other mysteries of the deep.… Continue reading

One Good Reason: A Memoir of Addiction and Recovery, Music and Love by Séan McCann and Andrea Aragon

I’m a fan of Séan McCann. Bought his music. Saw him perform with Great Big Sea. Had a joyous time, singing myself hoarse. Now I’ve read One Good Reason* – his collaborative memoir – enticingly structured, chapters alternating between spouse-authors McCann and Andrea Aragon.… Continue reading

Silver Linings: Stories of Gratitude, Resiliency, and Growth Through Adversity by Janice Landry

I feel that Nova Scotian author Janice Landry is one of those people you would like for a next-door neighbour: she comes across as a genuinely kind, understanding, upbeat person who likely takes care of their property. That’s just the impression she gives, as the reader of Silver Linings (Pottersfield Press) comes to know her as well as the seventeen people she interviews for her latest book, Silver Linings.Continue reading