Creative Non-Fiction

Unsettled: A Reckoning on the Great Plains by Dawn Morgan

A memoir that reckons with the high costs of European settlement and Indigenous dispossession on the Great Plains.

2 months ago

Beyond the Gallery: An Anthology of Visual Encounters, edited by Liuba Gonzàles de Armas and Ana Ruiz Aguirre

This multilingual and multi-genre anthology showcases emerging and established talents within the Hispanic Canadian community, featuring a broad range of…

11 months ago

Bill Arnott’s Beat: The Authors’ Lounge Interview

Let me start by thanking The Miramichi Reader and editor-in-chief James M. Fisher for being a great supporter and friend…

1 year ago

Twice to the Gallows: Bennie Swim and the Benton Ridge Murders by Dominique Perrin

Billed as "A New Brunswick Non-Fiction Novel" Twice to the Gallows by Fredericton author Dominique Perrin is the perfect type…

1 year ago

Beyond the Food Court Edited by Luciana Erregue-Sacchi

Beyond the Food Court: an Anthology of Literary Cuisines showcases 14 recognized authors from all over the world who call…

2 years ago

Rough and Plenty: a Memorial by Raymond A. Rogers

In Rough and Plenty: A Memorial, Rogers explores the parallel processes of dispossession suffered by nineteenth-century Scottish crofters expelled from…

2 years ago

What the Oceans Remember: Searching for Belonging and Home by Sonja Boon

Sonja Boon’s heritage is complicated. Although she has lived in Canada for more than 30 years, she was born in…

2 years ago

The Dog Who Ate the Vegetable Garden & Helped Save the Planet by Meg Hurley

A book that was written by a dog? A dog who is vegan? An audacious undertaking, to be sure. But…

2 years ago

Acadian Driftwood: One Family and the Great Expulsion by Tyler LeBlanc

year 2020 marks 265 years since the Acadian Expulsion (Le Grande Dérangement) in 1755. Unfortunately, the outbreak of Covid-19 will…

2 years ago

Two Crows Sorrow: Love and Death on the North Mountain by Laura Churchill Duke

Two Crows Sorrow is creative-non-fiction based on actual people and events on Nova Scotia’s North Mountain in 1904. This story…

3 years ago

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