Notable Short Stories

Fishing With Dad by Zoe Sutton Harris

"Fishing With Dad" is a short story by Zoe Sutton Harris.

3 months ago

Tom’s Wedding by Susan Sanford Blades

“Tom’s Wedding,” was published in Susan Sanford Blades' debut novel-in-stories, Fake It So Real.

4 months ago

The Year of the Dog by Andrew Stancek

The Year of the Dog is a previously published short story by Andrew Stancek.

5 months ago

That Cat’s Going to be Trouble by Zoë Sutton Harris

A short story by Zoë Sutton Harris.

6 months ago

Garnett’s Gift by Pierre C Arseneault

A short story from Pierre C. Arseneault

6 months ago

Crossing Over by Julie Paul

A previously published short story by Julie Paul.

7 months ago

The Basket by Sandra Bunting

A short story by Sandra Bunting of New Brunswick.

7 months ago

The Lost by Heather McBriarty

I remember the year my father went to war, and my mother’s smile went with him. It was also the…

8 months ago

C’est La Vie by Jim Nichols

A short story from the award-winning Maine author Jim Nichols.

10 months ago

Doris Fly by P.W. Bridgman

"Doris Fly" by P.W. Bridgman is from his short story collection, "The Four-Faced Liar".

10 months ago

Magicicada by Barbara Black

Jean’s eighty-three. She never sleeps through the night anymore. She gets up at five a.m. to swim in Magic Lake.

11 months ago

Pamela by Colin Thornton

A short story contributed by Cliff Thornton.

11 months ago

Swallow Dive by Zev Bagel

Zev Bagel (the pen-name for Warren Redman) was born in England and moved to Canada in 1994. He has lived…

11 months ago

Dragon’s Fury by Pierre C. Arseneault

A short story by Pierre C. Arseneault.

12 months ago

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