Sea Glass Circe by Irina Moga

A spin on poetry review. Exploration in verse.

Nature. Flora, fauna, feelings felt
experienced and known, flown, not
vanished but migrated, sailed south
from Great Lake shores and tributaries.

Barn Door. “It’s a wet, late spring that makes its … Continue reading

Hearts Amok by Kevin Spenst

In language that twists together hobo slang and flights of troubadourish diction, Hearts Amok scrutinizes the history of the love sonnet in Surrey, England and simultaneously celebrates the tickings and tollings of one love-struck heart in Surrey, British Columbia. Examining Continue reading

Pineapple Express by Evelyn Lau

Pineapple Express is rooted in the mind and its disorders. This collection explores moods, medications and side effects, capturing the flatness of depression while still making the language sing. It also probes the landscape of mid-life in all its manifestations: Continue reading