Silence by William Carpenter

This dynamic novel from William Carpenter examines the legacy of war and destruction through the eyes of a returning Iraq war veteran, Nick Colonna, a young Maine native who enlisted after 9/11. Home finally, after an attack that has killed his entire unit and left him deaf, Nick struggles to reenter life in his quiet childhood town on the coast of Maine.

Deficiency by SC Eston

On the arid planet of Garadia floats Prominence City, an oasis of abundance and technological marvels. For Keidi and Artenz, life is good. Each day, they work hard to fulfill their role in sustaining Prominence. In return, they share an existence without worry or want, their every need attended to by the ruling corporations, their lives enhanced by a virtual reality accessible with a simple thought.

Buried: A Novel by Ruth Chorney

It seems that the majority of Canada’s writers live either on our East or West Coasts or in Southern Ontario. A recent call for mid-western Canadian writers turned up a few names, Ruth Chorney’s among them. Ms. Chorney lives in Kelvington, Saskatchewan, and Buried is her self-published book. (Ms. Chorney has also written a guest …

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Skiing With Henry Knox by Sam Brakeley

Skiing With Henry Knox represents a bit of a departure for Islandport Press of Maine. This book is not written by a Mainer nor does it take place in Maine. However, Skiing With Henry Knox is really not about skiing either, and you certainly don’t have to be a skier to enjoy it. Henry Knox …

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Warrior on the Western Waters: Dangerous Loyalties Book Three by Phyllis A. Still

The Dangerous Loyalties book series is now up to three installments with the release of Warrior on the Western Waters. I have been following this series since it’s inception when I was tasked with reviewing it for a U.S. book review website that is now closed.

Two Novels of Le Grand Dérangement

The Great Deportation or Le Grand Dérangement, of the Acadian peoples, began in 1755 in the area now called the Bay of Fundy. Homes and farms were burned, and many of the 14,000 inhabitants of Acadia were herded aboard British ships and sent off to the Thirteen Colonies in what is now the New England states. The following two novels, both suitable for mature young readers on up, focus on this time of upheaval and the separation of families.

The Great Divide by Conor McCarthy

Ottawa-based author Conor McCarthy’s self-published debut novel cleverly resurrects the Sasquatch (or in their language, Mm’tor) idea and puts them (yes, there are more than one) squarely in a story about survival, wilderness exploitation, property development and environmental issues, so that there’s more to this adventure-thriller than meets the eye.