Nine Dash Line by Emily Saso

A thrilling novel about two people stranded under mysterious circumstances in the South China Sea, battling the memories of the…

4 weeks ago

Case Study by Graeme Macrae Burnet

The Booker-shortlisted author of His Bloody Project blurs the lines between patient and therapist, fiction and documentation, and reality and…

2 months ago

Everything Turns Away by Michelle Berry

In this tautly written domestic thriller set in Toronto, Michelle Berry weaves together the story of two couples whose lives…

2 months ago

Beneath Her Skin by C.S. Porter

Beneath Her Skin is a literary crime thriller from a mysterious new voice in Atlantic fiction.

6 months ago

Excerpt: The Degrees of Barley Lick by Susan Flanagan

The following excerpt is from Chapter 17 of Susan Flanagan's The Degrees of Barley Lick (for readers 12 and up).

9 months ago

Starr Sign by C.S. O’Cinneide

Candace Starr goes searching for her mother in the Detroit mob — but infiltrating her own crime family may be…

1 year ago

Season of Smoke by A.G. Pasquella

It looks like ex-con Jack Palace’s troubles will never end when he is pressured by the mob to kill one…

1 year ago

Her Irish Boyfriend by Chuck Bowie

Her Irish Boyfriend puts Sean back in the UK assisting his friend DI Gemma Trask, whom we first met in…

2 years ago

Scorpion Scheme by Melissa Yi

Montreal’s Dr. Hope Sze fights to save a man caught in a Cairo bomb blast. The man may hold the…

2 years ago

You Were Never Here by Kathleen Peacock

Cat hasn’t been to Montgomery Falls, the town her family founded, since she was twelve years old. Since the summer…

2 years ago

Operation Wormwood: The Reckoning by Helen C. Escott

The long-awaited sequel to Operation Wormwood (2018, Flanker Press), The Reckoning concludes the story of a disease that appears to…

2 years ago

Dark August by Katie Tallo

At the beginning of Dark August, 20-year-old Augusta “Gus” Monet learns that her great-grandmother Rose has died. The death of…

2 years ago

Messenger 93 by Barbara Radecki

Barbara Radecki’s sophomore novel, Messenger 93, opens with a flutter of information. A mind-bending conversation with a crow kicks off…

2 years ago

Access Point by Tom Gabbay

Wouldn't we all want a second chance at life?When young American art student Mia Fraser is brutally murdered steps away…

2 years ago

Operation Vanished by Helen C. Escott

Helen C. Escott's Operation Vanished follows closely on the heels of her bestselling Atlantic Canadian thriller Operation Wormwood (2018, Flanker…

3 years ago

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