This category includes both fiction and non-fiction titles dealing with war.

Life Savers and Body Snatchers by Dr. Tim Cook

From Tim Cook, Canada’s top war historian, comes a definitive medical history of the Great War.

2 months ago

In Our Youth by Angus Scully

In Our Youth explores the lives of thirty-two young Canadian military and civilian flyers, viewed through the medium of archival…

2 months ago

The Volunteers: How Halifax Women Won the Second World War by Lezlie Lowe

Thoroughly researched and compellingly told, and with a dozen archival images, The Volunteers examines the untold stories of the hardworking…

5 months ago

The Mystery Ships of Nova Scotia in the First World War by John N. Grant

n 1917, a small fleet of six schooners sailed from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland ports as live bait for German…

7 months ago

What Is Written on the Tongue by Anne Lazurko

Anne Lazurko's "What is Written on the Tongue" is a transportive historical novel about finding morality in the throes of…

9 months ago

Muggins: The Life and Afterlife of a Canadian Canine War Hero by Grant Hayter-Menzies

The unusual and moving tale of Muggins, a famed fundraising dog who became a mascot of the Canadian Red Cross…

1 year ago

Amid the Splintered Trees by Heather McBriarty

A sweeping novel of the Canadian experience in the First World War, Amid the Splintered Trees is loosely based on…

1 year ago

A Canadian Nurse in the Great War: The Diaries of Ruth Loggie, 1915-1916 Edited by Ross Hebb

A Canadian Nurse in the Great War grants a peek, through the diary of Ruth Loggie, into a little-known moment…

1 year ago

Three Non-Fiction Flash Reviews

Flash reviews of three recent non-fiction books that deal with WWII, the Atomic Bomb and a Victorian-era serial killer from…

1 year ago

The History of Rain by Stephens Gerard Malone

Literary historical fiction set in a war-torn Europe and glamourous Old Hollywood, following a lonely landscape gardener, from author of…

1 year ago

Silence by William Carpenter

This dynamic novel from William Carpenter examines the legacy of war and destruction through the eyes of a returning Iraq…

2 years ago

Heard Amid the Guns by Jacqueline Larson Carmichael

A rich and varied tapestry of the First World War, highlighting the personal stories of over 150 men and women…

2 years ago

Somewhere in Flanders: Letters from the Front by Heather McBriarty

Heather McBriarty’s novel, Somewhere in Flanders: Letters from the Front, is a remarkable true telling of what is what like…

2 years ago

Land Beyond the Sea by Kevin Major

Land Beyond the Sea is a startlingly good feat of historical fiction, based on the torpedoing of the passenger ferry…

4 years ago

“Dangerous Enemy Sympathizers”| Canadian Internment Camp B, 1940-1945 by Andrew Theobald

Dangerous Enemy Sympathizers is volume 26 in the New Brunswick Military Heritage Series published by Goose Lane Editions.

4 years ago

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