May 29, 2021: we are temporarily closed to book review requests. Please check back often. This is a temporary situation.

Please use the contact form below and we will try to respond within 24 to 48 hours, if possible. If you do not get a timely response, it could it be that your book did not meet our guidelines?

  1. Self-published books are accepted at our discretion.*
  2. If you are a publisher or publicist, please use the contact form as well. Thank you!
  3. Science-fiction such as space travel, time travel is fine, but again, at our discretion.

Once your request is submitted and received, and it meets our guidelines, an email will go out to our team of contributors to see if any are interested in reviewing it. You will then receive an email with further instructions. Please note that generally speaking, electronic copies are not accepted for review.

Henceforth, until further notice, we will not be accepting:

  1. political thrillers, erotica, paranormal, horror, mysticism, wizardry, witches, vampires, zombies, etc.) titles.
  2. holiday-themed books (Christmas, etc.)
  3. Fantasy

We are open to CanLit submissions from all parts of Canada (or if you are a Canadian living outside the borders). Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Your understanding is appreciated. Monitor this page for updates.

*If you are a self-published author, we reserve the right to not review your book, or accept it for a review after reading a synopsis.

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