Breakwater Books

Dirty Birds by Morgan Murray*

What a story! Filled with loops and cliff hangers and the beloved art of poetry, sort of!

Morgan Murray, raised in Alberta and now settled in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia makes a splash with his first novel and a tale surrounded by poetry, music and romance plus some heartache. This all pales in comparison to a different look at the late, great Leonard Cohen in a work of fabulous fiction and meaning.…

TMR/Breakwater Books Summer Giveaway!

June 26, 2020: this contest is closed, and the winning number was 2.

The Miramichi Reader in association with Newfoundland & Labrador’s Breakwater Books is happy to announce an exclusive summer giveaway of a trio of books to kickstart your summer reading. Included in this bundle are:

  • Melt by Heidi Wicks: “Shifting radiantly between the late nineties and the present day, Melt explores the life-sustaining anatomy of friendship and the complex relationships we have with our pasts.”

Dig by Terry Doyle

There’s been a recent burst of imaginative fiction writing coming out of Newfoundland, and Terry Doyle’s collection of twelve short stories has been eagerly anticipated since he won the Percy Janes First Novel Award in 2017 for Union, an as-yet unpublished manuscript. Dig is what I would refer to as “contemporary fiction” in that it deals with the here and now, not the past and certainly not the future, for Mr.…