a pool ladder leads to a maroon background. The bottom let third of the image is grey laminate flooring. The title and author name is in maroon text in the bottom left corner.

Citronella by Loch Baillie

What better way to pen a dreamy and summer-y queer coming-of-age chapbook than usingscent’s strong connection to memory? Baillie’s debut chapbook title, like his poems, is successfulin both brevity and coaxing out the odours of summer (see: ambrosia, perennials, chlorinated,bug spray, bergamot, pine, hydrangeas, fruit) This chapbook offers a sort of mentalscratch-and-sniff experience in reverie. …

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P.S. by Penn Kemp and Sharon Thesen

In P.S., Kemp and Thesen spend a year writing to each other, once a month, and the result is 24 poems in conversation with each other that explore how poetic conversation works across months, across an ocean, across subjectivities, and across disparate ways of knowing.

Books for Children from Newfoundland & Labrador 2019 (Part One)

Occasionally I get children’s books sent to me and I tend to put them aside until I get several of them, for how does one review a book consisting of pictures with a little text, or a child’s first chapbook? All the books that follow are from two of Newfoundland & Labrador’s independent publishers: Breakwater …

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mouth human must die by Lee D. Thompson

This 2017 chapbook by New Brunswick author Lee D. Thompson is either the work of a literary genius or a literary madman (not that the two are mutually exclusive). Having a small acquaintance with Mr Thompson impels me to put him in the former category as this 35-page exercise in creative writing left me staggered by his …

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