To Measure the World by Karen Shenfeld

In To Measure the World, Karen Shenfeld confronts the chimerical nature of love — erotic, domestic, familial — and its power to sustain and harm. The title alone grabbed me, a peripatetic pull akin to the tug of backpack straps on shoulders. Where I write there’s a map of the world on a wall – …

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A Poem by Mala Rai

tofino sunrise, 7am————————— last night i couldn’t sleep / a march storm rankled ashore / soldering doubt neck deepharmonies echoed in the void / i tried to sing along in my head / an aural polaroidtangled torso writhing in the sea / bequeathing treasure and secrets / anchored to me kicking to the surface / …

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Walk Away Silver Heart by Frank Prem

I’m a fan of the ekphrastic medium – inspired creativity, examples of life imitating art, or more accurately, art imitating art, building on the existing with fresh interpretation. Poet Frank Prem leaps into the genre with his poetry, inspired by Amy Lowell’s Madonna of the Evening Flowers.