Open Your Heart by Alexie Morin, Translated by Aimee Wall

In this frank and unforgettable book, celebrated Québécois writer Alexie Morin becomes the subject of her own story as she…

1 year ago

The Bruce Hutchison Interview

An interview with Dr. Bruce Hutchison, Ph.D., author of Emotions Don’t Think: Emotional Contagion in a Time of Turmoil.

1 year ago

Excerpt: Emotions Don’t Think by Dr. Bruce Hutchison Ph.D.

Dr. Bruce Hutchison describes emotional contagion as one of the most powerful forces at play in society and in politics…

2 years ago

Hunger Moon by Traci Skuce

Traci Skuce's Hunger Moon is a collection of stories that echo with the yearning to be replenished, to be made…

2 years ago

Polar Vortex by Shani Mootoo

Are we ever free from our pasts? Can we ever truly know the people we are closest to? Seductive and…

2 years ago

You Won’t Always Be This Sad: A Book of Moments by Sheree Fitch

Everyone experiences grief in their own way.  Sheree Fitch is a writer and it made perfect sense for her to…

2 years ago

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