Secure Parent, Secure Child: How a Parent’s Adult Attachment Shapes the Security of the Child by Annette Kussin

Secure Parent, Secure Child by Annette Kussin is an in-depth exploration of the relationship between parents and their children. Based on the Theory of Attachment, this twelve-chapter parenting book explores how a parent’s adult attachment style influences their parenting relationship with their children and the attachment of the child.  Kussin suggests that “children who experience loving, …

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The One We Forgot to Love by Sandy Totten

The One We Forgot to Love is Sandy Totten’s first novel. Reflecting on her own life experience, she weaves the fictional story of one who battles the invisible opponent and of the loved ones who share those struggles. It is a heartwarming tale of a loving family learning to see the world from different perspectives and fighting to stay together against all odds.

Girl running by Diana Hope Tegenkamp

This stellar debut collection by Métis poet Diana Hope Tegenkamp takes us through many worlds and wonders. In Girl running, we find solace and outrage, grief and tenderness, bewilderment and beauty, all “entangled in hope and dreaming.” Evocative and powerful, this collection is well worth a look.

Stella’s Carpet by Lucy E.M. Black

Exploring the intergenerational consequences of trauma, including those of a Holocaust survivor and a woman imprisoned during the Iranian Revolution, Stella’s Carpet weaves together the overlapping lives of those stepping outside the shadows of their own harrowing histories to make conscious decisions about how they will choose to live while forging new understandings of family, forgiveness and reconciliation.

The Spoon Stealer by Lesley Crewe

Reading a novel by Lesley Cynthia Crewe is like covering yourself in an old quilt. You know you can settle in and get cozy, wrap yourself in the words and let the characters and their memories keep you company as you read. Emmeline is indeed a spoon stealer. She is also a tour de force. …

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