The Punishing Journey of Arthur Delaney by Bob Kroll

I dove into this book assuming that it was going to be bleak – I mean, the title is The…

4 weeks ago

Night in the World by Sharon English

Night in the World explores the need to end our separations from each other and from nature -- coming home,…

2 months ago

James’ Rapid Review Roundup May 2022

I have decided to write up seven "brief and breezy" reviews of some recent reads.

2 months ago

All the Seas of the World by Guy Gavriel Kay

All the Seas of the World . . . provides the reader with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a…

3 months ago

Wan: a novel by Dawn Promislow

Dawn Promislow’s slow-burning novel, Wan, takes the reader back to apartheid-era South Africa.

3 months ago

Excerpt: FINDING EDWARD, A Novel by Sheila Murray

An excerpt from Sheila Murray's debut novel, Finding Edward from Cormorant Books.

3 months ago

The Sisters Sputnik: A Novel, by Terri Favro

Ingenious, smoothly written, and funny, at times bitingly so, Terri Favro's The Sisters Sputnik is well worth a read.

3 months ago

The Bank Street Peeper By Erma Odrach

The events in The Bank Street Peeper by Erma Odrach are set in Toronto, but they defy the constrictions of…

6 months ago

Everyone but Fajza by John Portelli, Translated by Irene Mangion

Everyone but Fajza starts off with conflicting media reports in Toronto about a serious incident involving Fajza. The major characters…

7 months ago

How to Murder a Marriage by Gabrielle St. George

Gina Malone, a bestselling relationships advice author and expert on exes, meddles in other people's affairs for a living. It…

8 months ago

Doris Fly by P.W. Bridgman

"Doris Fly" by P.W. Bridgman is from his short story collection, "The Four-Faced Liar".

8 months ago

Excerpt: This is How We Love by Lisa Moore

An excerpt from the forthcoming novel by Lisa Moore, the celebrated author of February and Caught comes an exhilarating new…

9 months ago

Beyond the Gallery: An Anthology of Visual Encounters, edited by Liuba Gonzàles de Armas and Ana Ruiz Aguirre

This multilingual and multi-genre anthology showcases emerging and established talents within the Hispanic Canadian community, featuring a broad range of…

9 months ago

Because Venus Crossed An Alpine Violet On The Day That I Was Born by Mona Høvring, trans. Kari Dickson and Rachel Rankin

In a hotel, high up in a mountain village, two sisters aim to reconnect after distant years that contrast their…

9 months ago

I Am the Earth the Plants Grow Through by Jack Hannan

Introspective and lyrical, I am the Earth the Plants Grow Through by Jack Hannan takes us on a cross-country trip…

10 months ago

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