Tùkhòne: Where the River Narrows and Shores Bend by D.A. Lockhart

I became an instant fan of D.A. Lockhart’s poetry after reading 2019’s Devil in the Woods, a collection of “letters” addressed to famous Canadians such as Don Cherry, Lord Beaverbrook and Bruno Gerussi, to name a few. It was shortlisted for Best Poetry in 2020. Now with Tùkhòne, he combines haiku and haibun to create some of the most evocative prose and poetry I have read in some time.…

New Poems by D.A. Lockhart

The following pieces are from D.A. Lockhart’s upcoming collection, Tukhone, to be published this fall by Black Moss Press. These are haibun that use Detroit’s most renowned musicians and musical acts to explore the physical spaces of the city in its contemporary context.

Èhëliwsikakw Wëntxën Crosses Tukhone Sipu, Sings Between Highrises

            after Bob Seger’s “Against the Wind”

Near midmorning, sun low enough to make even blue glass skyscrapers turn grey, I walk from LaFayette south on Griswold.…