Hispanic Canadian Literature in Translation: No Longer from the Outside Looking In by Luciana Erregue

A viewpoint article by Luciana Errugue about the challenges of getting Hispanic literature translated in English.

1 year ago

Seeds and Other Stories by Ursula Pflug

In my years of reading and reviewing, I consider Ursula Pflug one of my "finds", that is, an author that…

2 years ago

The Group of Seven Reimagined, Edited by Karen Schauber

It is a fabulous idea, the melding of the internationally famous Group of Seven Canadian landscape artists with some of…

3 years ago

Why Indigenous Literatures Matter by Daniel Heath Justice

Laurier University Press (WLU Press) publishes an Indigenous Studies series of which I have reviewed Rachel Bryant's The Homing Place,…

4 years ago

New Brunswick at the Crossroads, Tony Tremblay, Editor.

Subtitled "Literary Ferment and Social Change in the East," New Brunswick at the Crossroads is an attempt to explore the…

5 years ago

The Widow’s Fire by Paul Butler

The following guest review is by Naomi MacKinnon of the Consumed by Ink blog. She focuses on reading books from…

5 years ago

Harbinger: Book 1 of Northern Fire by Ian H. McKinley

New Brunswick's resident writer of fantastic realism, Ian H. McKinley, has just released Harbinger, Book 1 of his Northern Fire…

6 years ago

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