A blue, purple and pink background image reminiscent of neon signs. The words "Batshit" and "Seven" mirror each other written sideways in yellow outlined lettering that take up the majority of the image. The author's name is written along the bottom.

Batshit Seven by Sheung-King

Millennial fiction occupies a sad, weird, depressed niche now. The youngest millennials are on the doorstep of thirty, and in a world that is very different from the one promised to them (being a middle of the pack millennial myself, it’s a feeling I’m well acquainted with). This is the feeling Sheung-King (the pen name …

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A Life Spent Listening by Hassan Khalili

In A Life Spent Listening, Dr. Hassan Khalili reflects on four decades of being a frontline community psychotherapist and shares the wisdom he has learned over the years. By inviting the reader into his own life and the lives of his patients, Dr. Khalili explores the human condition and explains his concept of the grid as a guiding principle in his psychological practice.

Stella’s Carpet by Lucy E.M. Black

Exploring the intergenerational consequences of trauma, including those of a Holocaust survivor and a woman imprisoned during the Iranian Revolution, Stella’s Carpet weaves together the overlapping lives of those stepping outside the shadows of their own harrowing histories to make conscious decisions about how they will choose to live while forging new understandings of family, forgiveness and reconciliation.

What’s Not Allowed? A Family Journey with Autism by Teresa Hedley

Lauded by autism leaders and practitioners as “relatable, insightful, joyful and inspiring,” What’s Not Allowed? A Family Journey with Autism tells the tale of Erik from womb to emerging adult. Written with compassion, humor and keen observation, we are taken inside the shoes of autism and invited to link arms with the Hedley family as …

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Still Crying for Help: The Failure of Our Mental Healthcare Services by Sadia Messaili

This is a true story about the suicidal death of a 32-year-old man, Ferid Ferkovic, the son of the author. It is a story told straight from a mother’s heart with nothing but a loyal love for her son and her total discouragement with the Quebec mental healthcare system that failed her and her son. It …

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Save My Life School: A first responder’s mental health journey by Natalie Harris

Every now and then a reader comes across a book that speaks to them. The words jump from the page and land squarely to the reader’s soul. For me, this was Save My Life School, by Natalie Harris. This book is so real, so raw and so honest that it is impossible not to fall …

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