Miramichi Flash Showcase: December 2022

Showcasing stellar #flashfiction: “Hurricane Girl” by Andrea Disario Marcusa, “Grinding Teeth” by Louella Lester, “Dept. of Imagination” by Phebe Jewell, “Irma Likes Her Blessing Elaine Likes Her Humpty” by Paul Beckman, “Memories of a Gun” by Diane Payne, “Transients” by Dave Alcock, “A Piece of Pencil Lead” by Niles Reddick, and “Hollows” by Tommy Dean.

Miramichi Flash Showcase: November 2022

A double issue! Eight delicious #FlashFiction – “My People Came Down From the Mountains by Vicki McLeod, “The Scent of Lemons” by Sandra Arnold, “Tying The Boats” by Amanda O’Callaghan, “Nowhere Station” by Tom Hazuka, “The Matador” by Lorette C. Luzajic, “Grandma’s Three Heads” by Traci Mullins, “Beneath A Vacant Sky” by Sara Dobbie, and “Slugs In Designer Colours” by Doni Eve. Enjoy!

Miramichi Flash ‘Showcase’: September 2022

Miramichi Flash, a literary column at The Miramichi Reader out of New Brunswick, Canada, showcases four stellar #flashfiction in its September Issue, today. “The Only Hope of The Jews” by Paul Beckman; “Split” by Francine Witte; “Fat Man” by Andrew Stancek; and “In Dreams We Meet At The Opera” by Damhnait Monaghan. Enjoy!