Music, Late and Soon by Robyn Sarah

Music, Late and Soon is the story of poet Robyn Sarah's return to studying piano with the mentor of her…

2 months ago

Excerpt: Hold on please, Emily by Doris Siu

An excerpt from Doris Siu's novel, Hold On Please, Emily.

4 months ago

Noisemaker by Andy Tolson

Part ghost story, part fictionalized memoir, Noisemaker is a love letter to when thrashing guitars, pounding drums, and the three…

4 months ago

The East Coast Music Book of Fame – Top 50 by Bob Mersereau

This book is about the top 50 musical artists of the East Coast, who have been either born on the…

5 months ago

Claudette on the Keys by Joanne Culley

Author Joanne Culley turns her grandparent's history into a novel of historical fiction in Claudette on the Keys.

1 year ago

Off The Charts: What I Learned From My Almost Fabulous Life In Music by Kat Goldman

Off the Charts is a whimsical, uproarious tour through a fickle business that never seems to repay what performers put…

1 year ago

Dancing with Chairs in the Music House by Caro Soles

Precocious ten-year-old Vanessa Dudley-Morris knows lots of secrets. In 1949 when she and her family are forced to move into…

2 years ago

Bill Arnott’s Artist Showcase: Vin Maskell and Stereo Stories

Vin Maskell lives in Melbourne, Australia and is the founding editor and stage director of a project called Stereo Stories.

2 years ago

Kerouac & Presley by André Pronovost

I was intrigued to read Kerouac & Presley, given my fondness for iconic writers, musicians, and mavericks. I suspect, without…

2 years ago

Czech Techno & Other Stories of Music by Mark Anthony Jarman

If you like your stories to follow a straight line, this quintuplet may give you whiplash. Each one invites you…

2 years ago

Crafting Arts

Go into the arts. I’m not kidding. The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a…

2 years ago

New Poems by D.A. Lockhart

The following pieces are from D.A. Lockhart's upcoming collection, Tukhone, to be published this fall by Black Moss Press. These…

2 years ago

live romance at neptoon

(inspired by a frantic surprise visit on july 20, 2019, photo documented here by David James Swanson) 100 northern lights…

2 years ago

Stompin’ Tom Connors: The Myth and The Man by Charlie Rhinedress

Charlie Rhindress takes his reader on a Canadian coast to coast journey as we travel with this drifter man, Stompin’…

3 years ago

One Good Reason: A Memoir of Addiction and Recovery, Music and Love by Séan McCann and Andrea Aragon

I’m a fan of Séan McCann. Bought his music. Saw him perform with Great Big Sea. Had a joyous time,…

3 years ago

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