burninghouse by Deborah Stiles

burninghouse peels away the veneer of the speaker’s existence to reveal the hypocritical inconsistencies that lie beneath, including weaning children, decorum in elevators, and homelessness.

Mere Extinction: Poems by Evie Christie

Evie Christie’s second poetry collection Mere Extinction forthcoming from ECW Press is a sprawling empire of beating hearts and lost children, apocalyptic prepping and climate change, single moms and human bewilderment.

The Shadow List by Jen Sookfong Lee

Jen Sookfong Lee is a seasoned writer with several notable books, but The Shadow List forthcoming this Spring from Wolsak & Wynn is her first poetry collection. It is so refreshing to see a poet embrace the personal lyric, the confessional mode, so freely and expertly.

Democratically Applied Machine by Robert Colmon

Robert Colman's third book of poetry, Democratically Applied Machine, is a back-to-basics approach to creation. In poems that inhabit both industrial and domestic landscapes, Colman traces his inheritance to determine how his life echoes that of his forebears, even as the past blurs with the onset of his father's Alzheimer's dementia.

Still Waters – Kamal Parmar

Still Waters is a Poetic Memoir of the sorrows and stress of a loving daughter watching her mother deteriorate into the throes of the dreaded ‘disease of the decades’, Alzheimer's Disease.

The Fool by Jessie Jones

The Fool is Jessie Jones’s first collection of luminous poems. When reading The Fool, I was struck with the same feelings I get when I read the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud; images bloom in each line, like dreams, making me want to reread each poem just to experience them a while longer.