Erase and Rewind by Meghan Bell

The stories in Erase and Rewind probe the complexities of living as a woman in a skewed society. Told from the perspective of female protagonists, the pick at at rape culture, sexism in the workplace, uneven romantic and platonic relationships, and the impact of trauma under late-stage capitalism. Quirky, intelligent, and darkly comic, Meghan Bell’s debut collection is a highwire balance of levity and gravity, finding the surreal in everyday life.

We, Jane by Aimee Wall

There is so much to say about Aimee Wall’s debut novel We, Jane. In a tight 200 pages, Wall’s poetic prose chronicles the complicated relationships between women of different generations and life experiences. Through these connections, readers are exposed to the complex geography of reproductive rights and to legacies of local knowledge.

All I Ask by Eva Crocker

There are novels that feel alive. There is no other way to describe it, because words like ‘fresh’ or ‘current’ are not enough. These novels are more than just a compelling plot or strong writing. They do more than tap into current events or debates. These novels offer access to something made animate on the …

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Half-Sisters & Other Stories by Ryan Turner

Family matters dominate Ryan Turner’s exceptional collection of short fiction, Half-Sisters & Other Stories. The characters in these dramatically subtle, psychologically probing stories are often coping with or reacting to tragic or unhappy events—separation, estrangement, sudden death—and are compelled by circumstance to re-connect in tentative or awkward fashion with family members with whom they may have had little contact and who are largely unknown to them.

Finishing the Road by David Cozac

Canadian author David Cozac was born and raised in Toronto. He works for the United Nations. In the past, he worked for several human rights organizations, including PEN Canada and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression. [perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#42494F” class=”” size=””]Finishing the Road is the type of book you don’t want to put …

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