short fiction

The Butcher of Park Ex and Other Semi-Truthful Tales by Andreas Kessaris

The Butcher of Park Ex is a humorous collection of personal stories inspired by the author's life growing up in…

1 year ago

Czech Techno & Other Stories of Music by Mark Anthony Jarman

If you like your stories to follow a straight line, this quintuplet may give you whiplash. Each one invites you…

2 years ago

The Lightning of Possible Storms by Jonathan Ball

Jonathan Ball’s short fiction collection, The Lightning of Possible Storms, is a volume that exults in the many ways in…

2 years ago

Boy With a Problem by Chris Benjamin

How does a teenager deal with grief? Where do you turn in the aftermath of tragedy? What can ease the…

2 years ago

Fontainebleu by Madeline Sonik

In this collection of linked stories (part surreal picaresque, part dark comedy, and part murder mystery) magic meets the mundane…

2 years ago

Seeking Shade By Frances Boyle

In Frances Boyle's short story collection Seeking Shade, nuanced characters endure trauma, evolution and epiphany as they face challenges, make…

2 years ago

Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth: Stories by Christopher Evans

Christopher Evans’s darkly humorous and speculatively tragic collection of stories is peopled by such strays — those struggling with the…

2 years ago

People Like Frank: and other stories from the edge of normal by Jenn Ashton

Jenn Ashton’s short stories are peopled with humble and forward-leaning characters, the collection aptly called People Like Frank. Like many…

2 years ago

2020 “The Very Best!” Book Awards: Best Short Fiction Winners!

For 2019, there were only two short fiction books in this particular category, so we declared it a tie. This…

2 years ago

The End of Me: Stories by John Gould

The End of Me is an astonishing set of sudden stories about the experience of mortality.

2 years ago

2020 Shortlist: “The Very Best!”Short Fiction

Last year, the Best Short Fiction category sported a meagre two titles (mind you, they were excellent ones!) but 2020…

2 years ago

Seeds and Other Stories by Ursula Pflug

In my years of reading and reviewing, I consider Ursula Pflug one of my "finds", that is, an author that…

2 years ago

In the Beggarly Style of Imitation by Jean Marc Ah-Sen

Jean Marc Ah-Sen, award-winning author of Grand Menteur — a novel about Mauritian street gangs—, has returned with something new: a collection of short pieces titled In the Beggarly…

2 years ago

The Jean Marc Ah-Sen Interview

Marc Ah-Sen is the Toronto-based author of Grand Menteur, which The Globe and Mail selected as a top 100 Best…

2 years ago

Rising Tides: Reflections for Climate Changing Times, edited by Catriona Sandilands

In the introduction to Rising Tides, Sandilands states that climate change stories “focus increasingly on thornier questions of persistence, adaptation,…

2 years ago

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