The Far Himalaya by Phillip Ernest

Phillip Ernest's newest book, The Far Himalaya is one of those novels that you will either like or dislike. The subject matter and the way it plays out could be polarizing to some readers, but for those that persist in reading it, a fine story is to be found within its pages.

Butterfly by John Delacourt

At the heart of John Delacourt's Butterfly is a simple enough story: blackmail and robbery gone very wrong with the principle characters fleeing the law as well as each other. But there is much more to Butterfly, for it is an exceptional literary crime-suspense novel.

The Lost Sister by Andrea Gunraj

Andrea Gunraj is the author of The Sudden Disappearance of Seetha (2009, Knopf Canada), her first novel. The Lost Sister (2019, Vagrant Press) is two stories (or really two separate novels) which Ms. Gunraj has cleverly interleaved and zipped up into one considerable read, so that we have two stories, both with a "lost sister."