Listening for Jupiter by Pierre-Luc Landry

Listening for Jupiter (Les corps extraterrestres is the original French title) is the fourth book to be published by QC Fiction and their first of 2017 (release date is June). It joins such well-received titles as Brothers, The Unknown Huntsman and Life in the Court of Matane, all translated from the original French language writings. However, what is unique about Jupiter is that two translators have been employed, one for each of the two main characters, Xavier and Hollywood.…

A Place in Mind Cover

A Place in Mind: Designing Cities for the 21st Century, Revised Edition by Avi Friedman

When I first received this book from Montreal’s Vehicule Press, I really didn’t think it would appeal to me. After all, I am not much of an architecture “enthusiast” and the reminiscences of a world-travelling architect came across as a bit pompous (I plead ignorance to reading any of Mr Friedman’s previous books or knowledge of his fine reputation). Nevertheless, I resolved to give the book a chance and cracked the cover of A Place in Mind.…

Saint John Facts and Folklore by David Goss

This book is the fifth (and newest) in the Facts and Folklore series published by Nimbus Publishing. Its pages are chock full of, well, facts and folklore about the New Brunswick port city of Saint John. It also has 20 black and white photos of the city, past and present.

It is organized into six different sections:

  1. The Place
  2. The People
  3. Interesting Areas and Incidents
  4. Suburban Stories
  5. Sayings In and Around Saint John
  6. Firsts, Facts and Foibles

The author, David Goss is a native Saint Johner and has written several books not only on Saint John, but New Brunswick as well.…