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Thanks for the great review, Miramichi Reader

What a delight to find Mala Rai’s positive review of my Vancouver- and Gulf Islands craft distilleries book published 5,000 kilometres across our vast nation. Writers–and publishers–know how difficult it is to promote their books regionally, let alone across the country.
Mala really caught the “spirit” of what I wanted to accomplish in this book. Not just the delicious, sometimes innovative libations they concoct, but the entrepreneurship, daring and grit they have shown building their own small business. Many of these enterprises are run by families who dedicate their all and all survived the pandemic. Thanks so much for including The Distilleries of Vancouver Island in your reviews. I really appreciate it.

Marianne Scott

Marianne Scott

A Great Resource

Writing can be a lonely process followed by the anticipation of your book’s first review. I was lucky that The Miramachi Reader reviewed my new book, “Rafael Has Pretty Eyes.” Alison Manley understood everything I had set out to do, calling my stories strange, evocative
and full of surprises. Reviews like this go a long way in bolstering the spirits of writers during these dark and isolating times.
I enjoy reading TMR for the reviews of other authors, and feel as though we have a valuable resource that unites us.

Elaine McCluskey

The Reader that Can Lit Needs

It cannot be stated strongly enough that one of the most important positions in a national literature is a venue to explore the wealth of writing and books that emerges from a plurality of voices. Here is the position of the Miramichi Reader for our large country. I turn to the MR as a reader, as publisher, and a writer for reviews and news of important titles and a key publications from the breadth of the country. Here is the rooted-in-the-soil viewpoint of important and beautiful work in this country. The Americans have Rain Taxi and Canadians have the Miramichi Reader. And every day I am so thankful to Miramichi Reader and all the thoughtful hard-work they put into showcasing books and authors and works that corporate media forget about.

D.A. Lockhart

Grateful for The Miramichi Reader

As a debut author, my biggest hope is that my book will find its reader. That another person will connect with something I’ve written on the page. James M. Fisher understood my memoir, A Womb in the Shape of a Heart, in a way I had only dreamt might happen when writing it; a testament to the care and attention he gives each book he reviews. His supportive and generous words have given me courage as I head toward the publication of my first book. To have The Miramichi Reader focus on Canadian literature, to provide unknown writers like myself the opportunity to feel seen, is a generous gift to the industry and to those of us who are trying to find our way. Thank you, James for creating this community that embraces, encourages, and seeks to bolster the work of Canadian writers. What an invaluable asset to have you in our corner.

Joanne Gallant

A Vital Force in CanLit

Reviews of Canadian books that engage meaningfully with the writing are increasingly scarce yet ever more vital, and I’m grateful that TMR fills the void. I was honoured and delighted by Valerie’s nuanced review of my short story collection, Seeking Shade. It was an equally great honour when Seeking Shade was awarded first place for short fiction in the 2021 Very Best! Book Awards.
Sincere thanks to TMR!

Frances Boyle

Not That I’m Impartial…

I was fortunate enough to receive a positive review from Denis Coupal in a recent TMR. He was talking about my memoir “Lunging into the Underbrush: A Life Lived Backward.Lunging into the Underbrush: A Life Lived Backward.” (Yes, I’m too young to have written a memoir.) Reading Denis Coupal’s piece was a different experience. It was not the usual “good vs bad” experience that writers have when they get a review. I actually had to read his article and follow his thoughts and see where he was going. It was complex — it was a real piece of writing, and his writing engaged with mine. A rare thing in this world of flash reviews…

David Homel

Wonderful support for new author

I want to thank the Miramichi Reader and Lisa Timpf for the wonderful review of my novel “Marilla before Anne“. As a new Atlantic Canadian author, it is so important to feel supported by a community of book lovers and reviewers. The support you provide strengthens the voices of all maritime authors. Thanks again!

Louise Michalos

Reviewing as an art form…

Most people can read, but not everyone can read well. This is why I’m continually astounded by the remarkable and nuanced reviews published by TMR reviewers—and why I’m honoured to have my book, Fuse, reviewed here. So much gratitude to TMR and Rachel for a compassionate and sophisticated response to my work. TMR is a force for inclusive and diverse reading in CanLit.

Hollay Ghadery

I Lack The Words

Thank you! For once, I lack the words to effectively express how eternally grateful I am for The Miramichi Reader and the encouraging endorsement of James M. Fisher for The Seventh Shot.
I could not be more proud.

Ann Lilian Burke

Your review tickled my funny bone!

Lana Shupe’s review of my second novel, Fishnets & Fantasies, made me laugh—and that’s no small compliment coming from a humour writer!

Thank you to The Miramichi Reader for including me in its lineup of talented authors; I am humbled and grateful. Positive reviews generate awareness, interest and curiosity, which help drive sales. Your reviewers are an important part of the book-publishing process.

With gratitude,

Jane Doucet

A deeply thought through review

Thank you TMR and Rachel Fernandes for your nuanced review of Laberinto Press’ anthology Beyond the Food Court. You understood exactly what the project is about; dear readers, feast on her words.

Luciana Erregue

Essential Reading for Canadian Literature

I was very fortunate and honoured to have my short story collection “In Progress” reviewed in The Miramichi Reader and then long-listed for “The Very Best!” Book Award for 2020 in the short fiction category. Then to have my novel “The Way To Go Home” given such a sensitive review under the careful pen of James M. Fisher seemed like a dream come true.

The Miramichi Reader is a one-stop visit, an informative and astonishing tool for writers and readers. In TMR, I have discovered some of the most enticing books now on my reading list. James M. Fisher’s reviews are so insightful and engaging that this list seems urgent! The publication is a delight in every single category—it presents the panorama of Canadian literature and Canadian voices that deserve to be heard in all their diversity. A visit to this site is time well spent—outstanding reading, and the very best kind of browsing! Pull up a chair — stay a while!

Catharine Leggett

Humbled and Grateful!

Matthew Heneghan

I am not even sure where or how to begin writing this…

I am not a writer. That is to say, I have never trained nor studied to become an author, a poet or a lyricist. However, after a rocky journey through life, I somehow came across the words needed to let my soul cry! Writing became a form of therapy for me. It never entered into my wildest conjurations that I may one day write a book… but I did. And after it was published, I felt as though I had accomplished something very significant in my life. I had no expectations of where things would go afterwards, but the surprises keep coming.

I was and remain absolutely winded at the review you left for A Medic’s Mind. It left my mouth agape as I read and re-read your words about my words… my mind.

The Miramichi Reader award is truly an invaluable one as it gives voice to Canadian writers. It allows them to be heard and read by people who otherwise may not have known that these particular pieces of lexicological sustenance are out there, waiting to be digested. I am unable, even with a writer’s pen, to express the gratitude I hold for knowing that you felt my work worthy of both ingestion and a written review.

Having had time to meander through this site, I have found many works from many other authors that I will now be finding and reading myself. Like I said: invaluable!

Thank you!

Forever grateful,

Matthew Heneghan

The Miramichi Reader is a Shining Star

[dropcap]Thank[/dropcap] you so much for your insightful read of Watermark, and your appreciation for diversity in writing, voice and style. It’s wonderful to have your literary presence shining out on the East Coast, providing much needed literary review, conversation and public discussion of writing and books. I was so delighted with your review of my work, and your support for the short story form. The range of books you read and critique is so impressive. Keep sparkling!

Christy Ann Conlin

James M. Fisher does his homework!

[dropcap]James[/dropcap] does his homework. He penned a lovely review of The Group of Seven Reimagined: Contemporary Stories Inspired by Historic Canadian Paintings demonstrating extensive research in the preparation of his comments. He has given flash fiction equal footing with the Group of Seven in this thoughtful and well-written review, clearly understanding the raison d’être of this book. Mr. Fisher’s treatment of the material further reveals a keen appreciation of the intersection between art and literature. I am grateful for his highlighting several of the Contributors, including referencing their works, literary publications, and awards.  

– A great pleasure. 

Karen Schauber

In these times…. a lighthouse!

Yes, a lighthouse! That is the best way I can describe the Miramichi Reader and the work of Mr. James Fisher. It is not that the sea is in turmoil and raging. No! But the calm is suffocating at times. And the Miramichi Reader carefully and laboriously sorts through that calm–a calm that is often stultifying, when it comes to recognizing the efforts of writers, poets and authors. Mr. Fisher delves into the mind of the authors and produces a storm of recognition for all of us who write, not only for ourselves but for a better world. His efforts at popularizing writers, who in his mind have scored, seems like an exemplary journey he has embarked upon.

Rana Bose

With Grateful Thanks to a Dedicated Reviewer!

[dropcap]It’s[/dropcap] hard to adequately describe one’s appreciation for The Miramichi Reader and thereby of course, to James M. Fisher. While I like to believe James and I are friends, I always rely on his objectivity when it comes to my books and I am so greatly appreciative of his insights and observations. Jim’s attention to detail, plot, dialogue, context and tone, not just to my books, but all the books, is outstanding, and his commitment and passion to Canadian literature of all genres are second to none.

Lisa de Nikolits

The Miramichi Reader Gets to the Soul of Blindshot, A First Novel by Denis Coupal

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] enthusiastically offer this testimonial for The Miramichi Reader’s incredibly thoughtful, insightful review of my first novel BLINDSHOT. I couldn’t be more pleased with the approach taken in the review and how, clearly, the book was read with extreme care and diligence. Wow. The MR really understood my book and its characters, bringing full attention to the soul of the book, its inspirations from Norse mythology, and the progression of the plot. So pleased to read: “Blindshot lived up to my expectations (and even exceeded them at times)”! This review exceeded my own expectations as the author of a first thriller. Readers such as The Miramichi Reader are an inspiration to sit down and write more! With great respect. Denis Coupal

Denis Coupal

Thanks a bunch!

Thank you for taking to the time to read and review “Being Mary Ro“. I love to read all your reviews and follow you on Facebook. I appreciate your views on the reading material and the variety of genres you cover. Keep up the great work.

Flanker Press quoted part of your review on my new book “The Promise”.

Praise for Being Mary Ro:

“I cannot imagine anyone not enjoying Being Mary Ro. The material is suitable for mature young readers, contains small sketches (by Melissa Ashley Cromarty), and is an excellent first novel by Ms. Linehan Young”

Ida Linehan Young

Skill, insight, and excellent critical thinking

James Fisher is one of those rare individuals who possess the skill, insight, and excellent critical thinking skills to intelligently dissect a piece of writing and get to its “core.” As an author, it is not professional to correct misunderstandings by critics or readers. With Mr. Fisher, this is not even a concern, as he has clearly read very widely, enabling him to understand an author’s approach, technique, and literary “tools,” and to understand them well. He does not engage in mere criticism for its own sake. Rather, he provides thoughtful, objective critiques which accentuate the positive, and put not only the work he is discussing, but also himself, in the most positive light imaginable.

Matthew de Lacey Davidson

Thanks to The Reader.

James Fisher leaves honest, compelling reviews. Thanks for taking the time to review my novels.

Allan Hudson

Hub for Writers and Writing

The Miramichi Reader is truly a central spot for writers and readers, particularly those who are interested in Atlantic Canadian fiction. I first found out about James Fisher’s work when I was researching a book. As a reviewer, I find his reviews to have an excellent balance between analysis of the text and a more basic appreciation of whether or not a book is entertaining. As a writer, I really depend on Jim and reviewers like him for honest and detailed feedback. Without his work, I’d have a really tough time trying to figure out what I was doing well and what I needed to work on. I wish that more people, academics, readers, and writers all had a sense of just how central Jim is to the cultural products of Atlantic Canada. I really appreciate him and respect his efforts.

Tom Halford

Gary Collins, Author of The Last Beothuk, Desperation: The Queen of Swansea and Left to Die

“I have had many reviews of my books. None more focused than yours.”

Gary Collins

Robin Philpot, Publisher, Baraka Books

“Just a note to say how much we appreciate your work and your careful and thoughtful reading and reviews (even if you don’t like some of our books). It would be great if more people would take our publications as seriously as you do.”

Robin Philpot

Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Author of Following the River: Traces of Red River Women.

“[…] it [the review] captured what, as a writer, I was aiming for. That doesn’t often happen! You seem to review a book for what it is, not what you’d prefer it to be.”

Lorri Neilsen Glenn

Jerrod Edson, Author of The Moon is Real

“Thank you ever so much for taking the time to review my book. I really appreciate the kind words, and especially your keen eye for detail. Again, very much appreciated.”

Jerrod Edson

Nicola Davison, Author of In the Wake

“Thank you for taking the time to read my first book. I’m just tickled with your review.”

Nicola Davison

Pratap Reddy, Author of Ramya’s Treasure

“Too overwhelmed by the lovely review for my ‘Ramya’ to collect my thoughts sufficiently to thank you properly…! One thing for sure I will treasure it.”

Pratap Reddy

Aaron Kreuter, author of  You and Me, Belonging

“You singlehandedly do so much for the literary community in Canada, it is really commendable.”

Aaron Kreuter

Carol Bruneau, Author of A Circle on the Surface

“We’re lucky beyond words to have…The Miramichi Reader in our corner, and so grateful for all the time and effort he devotes to reading and reviewing books.”

Carol Bruneau

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