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Free Women in the Pampas: a Novel About Victoria Ocampo by María Rosa Lojo, Edited and Translated by Norman Cheadle

A feminist pioneer, writer, and patron of the arts and literature in Buenos Aires, Victoria Ocampo (1890–1979) was a larger-than-life personality of legendary vitality. A key protagonist in Argentina’s rise to world-class status in the arts and sciences, Ocampo leveraged her wealth and social status to found Sur (1931–92), the internationally influential journal of literature, culture, and ideas. The novel vividly depicts Victoria Ocampo’s struggle with the strictures of class and gender to find her own voice and vocation as a public intellectual.

Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth by Christopher Evans

Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth is peopled by strays — those who fall for the allure of nostalgia, grapple with male fragility, deny familial trauma, and acquiesce to authority. Resignation and reinvention are always a breath apart for these characters whose lives have fallen short of their dreams, and for others who never expected more.

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