Episode 16, Season 2: Substack & Fall 2022 Author Promos

Substack: What is it and is it for you? How does it compare to WordPress? Substack newsletter author Mark Dykeman is our guest and he will answer my questions bout Substack. 

Mark Dykeman is an IT project manager by day (sometimes by night) and a reader/writer whenever possible. Mark lives with his family in Woodstock, New Brunswick. You can find his work online at How About This (https://howaboutthis.substack.com/about), a mighty fine electronic newsletter with posts on creativity, reading and writing, and managing it all, with a dash of current events, pop culture and interviews with Atlantic Canadians you should know about.   You can also frequently find him on Twitter as @markdykeman   (https://twitter.com/markdykeman).  He’s a little obsessed with notebooks and index cards.

Fall 2022 book releases are upon us and I’ve invited various authors to record some sound bites to introduce their books to us,

  1. Bill Arnott: A Season on Vancouver Island
  2. Helen Escott: Operation Masonic
  3. Melanie Mitzner: Slow Reveal

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