An Interview with David Roche, author of Standing at the Back Door of Happiness: And How I Unlocked It

While David’s face looks different, and his condition is so rare that he’s met only one other person that looks like him, but much worse alterations to the human visage are caused by traumas like burns and diseases like cancer, although therapies and plastic surgeries have improved significantly in the past decade.

The Camille Intson Interview Part the First

Camille Intson (alias, Camie) (b. 1997) is a Hamilton-born and Tkaronto-based multidisciplinary artist and researcher whose practice spans writing, performance, music, new media, and emerging technology. Her critically acclaimed body of work has been honoured with a Playwrights’ Guild of Canada Tom Hendry Award, Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award, NNPF National Playwriting Competition Award, Hamilton Music …

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The David Pisani Interview

This conversation took place in July of 2023 in Châteauneuf-sur-Charente, France, in David’s studio. It has been edited for clarity. FIRST PRINCIPLES – ON DEMOCRACY – EARLY DEVELOPMENT – ON MASOCAPITALISM – ON IDENTITY – ON RELIGION – ON VICE – VANISHING VALETTA – ON INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM – ON PROCESS FIRST PRINCIPLES Kevin Andrew Heslop: …

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