Indigiqueerness: A Conversation About Storytelling by Joshua Whitehead, in dialogue with Angie Abdou

Indigiqueerness is a lean, skinny book full of meat. At just under 100 pages, it is a comprehensive dive into who is Joshua Whitehead. And, through this vessel, what makes a storyteller?

Cover of At a Loss for Words: Conversation in an Age of Rage by Carol Off. The cover is white, with the title in black capital letters and the subtitle in red. At the bottom are a set of cubes spelling out "Fact" but the last two letters are sitting in an edge, so it could be read as "fake."

At a Loss for Words: Conversations in an Age of Rage by Carol Off

In a compelling and succinct introduction, Off argues that in the current context, we are witness to no less than the devolution of democracy in favour of the rise of populism and demagoguery, and sets out to prove that the deliberate weaponization of language is contributing to a blurred understanding of civil society.

Cover of Off the Tracks. An image of two vintage train seats, facing each other. A window looking out at some trees is between them.

Off the Tracks: A Meditation on Train Journeys by Pamela Mulloy

The romance of train travel has never left our minds, even long after it stopped being such a vital part of travel for the average person. Off the Tracks: a Meditation on Train Journeys in a Time of No Travel by Pamela Mulloy is a love letter to these trains, from a North American perspective.