A black cover with an image of wooden wall sculptures in the centre. The author's name is above the image on the black background, and the title is underneath the image on the black background.

Pictures on the Wall: Building a Canadian Art Collection by Michael Audain

Pictures on the Wall: Building a Canadian Art Collection is an interesting kind of coffee table book: heavy with weighty paper and beautiful pictures, but also a memoir of a life spent admiring art, pursuing art, and most interesting – repatriating art.

Shop Class Hall Pass: Facing the Buried Trauma of Sexual Assault by Karin Martel

Karin Martel had never considered what happened to her in ninth grade shop class as sexual abuse. So when she is in a regularly scheduled, routine session with the department therapist to talk through the stress of her job as a 911 operator, she surprises herself by suddenly bringing up the memory of the groping she endured in high school.

Waiting For My Real Life To Begin: Bill Arnott’s Stereo Stories at TMR

Welcome back, as I share anecdotes from Stereo Stories, the lit-journal I work with in Melbourne. Their tagline: A Song. A Place. A Time. Part of TMR’s global reach, and a welcome comingle of artistry. I encourage you to listen to the song as you read the associated story, to fully indulge the immersive mixed-media. …

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