Hold Your Tongue by Matthew Tétreault

Hold Your Tongue by Matthew Tétreault is a work of fiction built around the final days of Alfred, a central figure in his family even though he lives apart from them. It is primarily the story of Richard, who tries to make sense of his family, his history, and his life through the stories told by and about his great uncle Alfred.

Slow Reveal by Melanie Mitzner

Set in 1990s New York, Slow Reveal paints an extraordinary portrait of artists who defy the arbiters of culture and challenge social norms. Art, addiction and family dynamics capsize the Kanes when they discover the parallel life of Katharine, film editor, mother, lover and wife.

Rig Wives by Kelly Earle

Kelly Earle’s husband, who works offshore in the oil industry, inspired her to write Rig Wives. Interviews with other rig wives tell the stories of the women who wait. Their tales of determination, perseverance, and camaraderie, while their husbands engage in one of the most dangerous occupations in the world, are an inspiration to all.

Only Sisters by Lilian Nattel

One sister runs away and the other stays behind. But what happens when the dutiful sister has to impersonate the rebel? In her page-turning exploration of familial loyalty, resentment, secrets, and grief, Lilian Nattel explores the meaning and reach of family bonds.

The One We Forgot to Love by Sandy Totten

The One We Forgot to Love is Sandy Totten’s first novel. Reflecting on her own life experience, she weaves the fictional story of one who battles the invisible opponent and of the loved ones who share those struggles. It is a heartwarming tale of a loving family learning to see the world from different perspectives and fighting to stay together against all odds.

If I Cry, I’ll Fill the Ocean: The Catherine Linehan Story by Ida Linehan Young

If I Cry I’ll Fill the Ocean is the true story of how tears of cleansing and forgiveness are sacrificed to keep memories alive . . . and sanity in reach. This kind of courage only exists in the hearts and souls of those who have endured the unendurable. “An amazing, shattering story told by an amazing, unshatterable woman.” — Marjorie Simmins, Author, Journalist, and Teacher