Cover of Bird Suit by Sydney Hegel. THe cover is blue, with a red bird flying upside down. The bird has a woman's face.

Bird Suit by Sydney Hegele

Bird Suit’s fictional town of Port Peter could be any number of small towns on a lake, overrun with summer tourists buying ice cream and cheap souvenirs on the boardwalk, filling up the local pubs and motels, knocking up the local girls – before disappearing in September. There are, however, two things that make Port Peter special: its perfect peaches and its Birds. “The women of the town tell one another about the Birds in secret… When a Port Peter girl gets pregnant by a tourist boy, a woman in her life gives her all the information she needs to know.”

Cover of Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit. Picture of mountains and trees in the north

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit by Nadine Sander-Green

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit is a story centered around Millicent, a shy, 24-year-old reporter who moves to Whitehorse after graduating from college, where she focused more on poetry than journalism. Yet off to journalism she goes, to work at the Golden Nugget, a failing daily newspaper with three staff.

cover of Kilworthy Tanner. Giant lips on an angle, slip into a surreal landscape with blue skies and clouds on the horizon, and orange ground.

He Felt Wonderously Justified in His Action: Kilworthy Tanner by Jean Marc Ah-Sen

Set in the “extended Ah-Sen universe”, Kilworthy Tanner is the pseudobiographical account of self-proclaimed people pleaser Jonno (Jean Marc Ah-Sen), who would likely throw anyone under a bus to gain the admiration (or, at least attention) of his mentor and infatuation, Kilworthy Tanner. 

Cover of Soft Serve by Allison Graves

Soft Serve by Allison Graves

Soft Serve is Allison Grave’s debut collection of short stories, arising from her master’s program at Memorial University. These stories are mainly contemporary stories written about “middle-class millennials” – the world my children will occupy soon, one that I can only observe from a distance of about 25 years.