Bystander by Mike Steeves

Unattached and in his mid-thirties, Peter Simons works in client services for a multi-national corporation and is regularly dispatched to far-flung exotic locations, staying in luxury hotels for lengthy periods. His latest assignment has kept him away from home for nine months, and, as Mike Steeves’ unsettling novel Bystander opens, Peter has returned to his shabby apartment with a mix of relief and bemusement.

The Gunsmith’s Daughter by Margaret Sweatman

The Gunsmith’s Daughter is both a coming-of-age story and an allegorical novel about Canada-US relations. Psychologically and politically astute, and gorgeously written, Margaret Sweatman’s portrait of a brilliant gunsmith and his eighteen-year-old daughter tells an engrossing story of ruthless ambition, and one young woman’s journey toward independence.

Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth by Christopher Evans

Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth is peopled by strays — those who fall for the allure of nostalgia, grapple with male fragility, deny familial trauma, and acquiesce to authority. Resignation and reinvention are always a breath apart for these characters whose lives have fallen short of their dreams, and for others who never expected more.

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