Making A Home: Assisted Living in the Community for Young Disabled People by Jen Powley

In Making a Home, Powley tells the story of how she got young disabled people like herself out of nursing homes through developing a group home for adults with severe physical disabilities. This book makes a case for living in the community and against dehumanizing institutionalization.

The Garrett Bluenose Patterns: Celebrating Nova Scotia’s Rug Hooking Heritage, by The Teachers Branch, Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia

Over the course of 80 years, Garrett’s produced hundreds of designs. They also provided patterns for Eaton’s, who, in the late 1920s, were Garrett’s best customers. Garrett’s rose to become the largest worldwide producer of rug hooking patterns.

Lucien & Olivia by André Narbonne

The protagonist, Lucien, is a marine engineer on a Canadian tanker. While on one—month leave in Halifax, he meets Olivia, a brilliant philosophy student at Dalhousie University, who takes an immediate dislike to him What begins as mutual antipathy changes when they discover how compatible their oddities are.

Unfiltered: An Irreverent History of Beer in Nova Scotia by Steven Laffoley

After extensive initial research, author Steven Laffoley discovered that the history of beer in Nova Scotia was as cloudy as a good pumpkin lager or a cold wheat beer on a dark winter’s day. So with an intrepid, albeit mildly inebriated, explorer’s courage, he packed up his notebook and set off in search of Nova Scotia’s beer-filled past, which, as it turned out, was far stranger than he expected.