Brit Happens: Or Living the Canadian Dream by James Mullinger

From the highs and lows of London to beginning anew in New Brunswick, Brit Happens tells gut-busting stories of success and failure and the unpredictable grind of stand-up comedy. It also offers a laugh-out-loud look at life in Atlantic Canada from the region’s funniest outsider-turned-local.

Fishnets & Fantasies by Jane Doucet

Well, well, well.  Jane Doucet, you have done it again.  Just like your first novel, The Pregnant Pause, you have given your reader delightful, multi-faceted characters and laugh out loud passages that made this reader blush.   The title of this book could not be more appropriate for what a reader will encounter within its 267 …

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The Rod Carley Interview

Rod’s first novel, A Matter of Will, was a finalist for the 2018 Northern Lit Award for Fiction. His non-fiction short story, ‘A Farewell to Steam’, was featured in the anthology, 150 Years Up North and More. His short story, ‘Botox and the Brontosaurus’, is featured in Cloud Lake Literary’s inaugural online review. Rod is …

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