A green cover with three flowers. A white flower in the top left hand corner, a yellow flower in the bottom left, and a red flower in the bottom right. The title is in the center of the image, and a blurb is on the top right.

Medicinal Perennials to Know and Grow

Some of my musings of late have been inspired by this rather practical little book which reminds us that flowers aren’t only there to be beautiful. Many of them offer health benefits and — best of all, as far as the lazy gardener in me insists — the flowers in these pages, perennials, keep coming up on their own, year after year.

Shop Class Hall Pass: Facing the Buried Trauma of Sexual Assault by Karin Martel

Karin Martel had never considered what happened to her in ninth grade shop class as sexual abuse. So when she is in a regularly scheduled, routine session with the department therapist to talk through the stress of her job as a 911 operator, she surprises herself by suddenly bringing up the memory of the groping she endured in high school.

A Mother’s Betrayal: The Murder of Karissa Boudreau and the RCMP Investigation that Uncovered the Truth By John Elliott

The title pretty much tells it all, as that’s exactly what this startlingly readable non-fiction book is–an extended behind-the-scenes examination of what it took to not only determine who committed this murder but also to find a way to get that person to admit to the crime.   While it’s a study in forensics, it’s also …

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My Indian Summer: A Novel by By Joseph Kakwinokanasum

My Indian Summer, is a coming-of-age book, an account that sounds based in truth, and tells of a season that proved to be a turning point in a young man’s life. The year is 1979, the last days of August, turning into September – for many, one of the loveliest times of the year.