The Roosting Box: Rebuilding the Body After the First World War by Kristen den Hartog

A trickle that began in 1915
turned to a flood of soldiers returning to Canada needing care for their often-devastating injuries:
missing limbs, ravaged lungs, faces and minds destroyed. Many of them ended up at Toronto’s
newly opened Christie Street hospital, also known as the Dominion Orthopedic Hospital (DOH).

Connection at Newcombe by Kayt Burgess

Post-World War I, the small town of Newcombe, Ontario, is in danger of dying. Remote and with fewer than 200 inhabitants, its future is spelled out: slow, drawn-out, painful death as a community. A chance meeting between Francis Barrett, an employee of the Canadian National Railway (CNR), and Cal Bannatyne, a major on his way home from the front, leads to an opportunity: getting a railway station to Newcombe, linking it to the rest of Canada, and perhaps keeping it from dying.

The Spoon Stealer by Lesley Crewe

Reading a novel by Lesley Cynthia Crewe is like covering yourself in an old quilt. You know you can settle in and get cozy, wrap yourself in the words and let the characters and their memories keep you company as you read. Emmeline is indeed a spoon stealer. She is also a tour de force. …

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