In The Cage by Kevin Hardcastle

Daniel is a cage fighter whose career is ended by an injury. He moves back to his hometown and falls into the world of crime. He and his wife, Sarah, struggle to keep their heads above water and to provide everything they can for their daughter. (Although, I couldn’t help but notice how much beer they drank as they contemplated their precarious financial situation.)

“Anything you ask him for he’ll try to give you,” Sarah said. “Even if he can’t. He’ll try to give until he’s broke and starving. You understand?”

Daniel loves his family fiercely. According to an interview with Bibiolasis, Hardcastle believes this is the key to having the desire “to fight tooth and nail even if your odds are almost insurmountable“. Much of what Hardcastle put into his book comes from some personal experience; life in a rural area, a father without a reliable job who fought hard to provide for his family. “You can love your family and do everything in your power to make their lives better, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to“.

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