Cover of Soft Serve by Allison Graves

Soft Serve by Allison Graves

Soft Serve is Allison Grave’s debut collection of short stories, arising from her master’s program at Memorial University. These stories are mainly contemporary stories written about “middle-class millennials” – the world my children will occupy soon, one that I can only observe from a distance of about 25 years.

Rosa’s Very Own Personal Revolution by Eric Dupont, translated by Peter McCambridge

Eric Dupont seems to have his own distinct writing style. Like Songs for the Cold of Heart, Rosa–while not quite as epic–is whimsical and entertaining. Rosa grows up in a small village on the Gaspé Peninsula – isolated enough to have developed their own unique dialect. (“In the village, pronouncing one’s Ks was associated with Montreal, and …

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Fearnoch by Jim McEwen

[Editor’s note: this review, written by Naomi MacKinnon, appeared at her Consumed by Ink book review blog and is reproduced here with her kind permission.] As soon as I saw this book I knew I wanted to read it (I do love judging a book by its cover!). But who knew I would love it …

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Jude and Diana by Sharon Robart-Johnson

The only mention of Jude in Nova Scotia’s official history relates to her death: a slave-owning family was brought to trial for her murder in 1801. They were acquitted despite overwhelming evidence that they were guilty. Sharon Robart-Johnson pays tribute to such archival glimpses of enslaved people by re-creating the fullness of sisters Jude and Diana’s survival, emphasizing their joys alongside their hardship.

Frying Plantain by Zalika Reid-Benta

Note: For the past three summers, Naomi of the Consumed by Ink book review blog and I have been swapping a book review. This year I reviewed The Afrikaner by Arianna Dagnino for her site, and she has written a review of the critically-acclaimed book by Jamaican-Canadian author Zalika Reid-Benta, Frying Plantain (2019, House of …

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Malagash by Joey Comeau

(The following is an excerpt from a review written by Naomi MacKinnon at Consumed by Ink. It is reproduced here in part with her kind permission.) Malagash is a gem of a book. And I can’t think of anyone I wouldn’t recommend it to. The title of the book refers to the community where the …

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Peninsula Sinking by David Huebert

(The following review is reproduced in part by the kind permission of Naomi MacKinnon of the Consumed by Ink book review blog. – James) Look at the cover of this book. It couldn’t be more stunning. With stories to match. Peninsula Sinking is David Huebert‘s first short story collection. He has won the CBC Short …

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