Three Atlantic Canadian Children’s Picture Books

Big Rory of Market Square, written by Laurie-Stanley Blackwell and illustrated by Karen Megronigle, is an entertaining tale of an admirable, somewhat-mysterious, local storytelling kitty. A Newfoundland Alphabet: 25th Anniversary Edition, written and illustrated by Dawn Baker is a must have for little ones! Poppa and His Drum, written by Judith M. Doucette, and illustrated by Rebecca Reid, is an uplifting story of an Indigenous child and their grandfather

Cover of Soft Serve by Allison Graves

Soft Serve by Allison Graves

Soft Serve is Allison Grave’s debut collection of short stories, arising from her master’s program at Memorial University. These stories are mainly contemporary stories written about “middle-class millennials” – the world my children will occupy soon, one that I can only observe from a distance of about 25 years.

An old style war plan flies across the centre of the image, slightly angled away from the viewer. We view the side of the plane. The title is in red letters just above the plane, and the author's name is just below. The sky in the background is yellow, grey, and blue.

Beyond Amelia by Heather Stemp

This month will see the release of Heather Stemp’s third and final book in her Ginny Ross series Beyond Amelia. Each of these three Middle-Grade/Young Adult novels can be read as a stand alone, but readers who enjoy historical fiction may enjoy reading the entire series.

Taking A Chance: The First 25 Years of Fishers’ Loft Inn by John & Peggy Fisher and Roger Pickavance

More than a quarter century after their move to Port Rexton, the Fishers have produced a love letter to rural Newfoundland, sharing their firm belief in the wonderful things that can happen when you take a chance.

Love Will Out: A Newfoundland Story by David Michael

St. John’s was a visceral shock to them. In a hansom cab, on their way to the Crosbie Hotel on Duckworth Street, they saw faceless people sealed inside heavy woolen jackets, with hoods pulled up to protect them from the furious April gale. Like lost souls, they trudged silently down snow-encrusted sidewalks, alongside two-story-high snowbanks …

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Rig Wives by Kelly Earle

Kelly Earle’s husband, who works offshore in the oil industry, inspired her to write Rig Wives. Interviews with other rig wives tell the stories of the women who wait. Their tales of determination, perseverance, and camaraderie, while their husbands engage in one of the most dangerous occupations in the world, are an inspiration to all.

A Life Spent Listening by Hassan Khalili

In A Life Spent Listening, Dr. Hassan Khalili reflects on four decades of being a frontline community psychotherapist and shares the wisdom he has learned over the years. By inviting the reader into his own life and the lives of his patients, Dr. Khalili explores the human condition and explains his concept of the grid as a guiding principle in his psychological practice.