Hunting Helena by Natalie Carter-Giles

A psychological thriller that will leave you aghast, Hunting Helena is a chilling debut novel written by Newfoundland and Labrador author Natalie Carter-Giles. Already hardened by a lifetime of grief, Helena Douglas is a young university student attempting to start life over when the unthinkable happens. While jogging along a coastal trail she is captured by a …

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Secure Parent, Secure Child: How a Parent’s Adult Attachment Shapes the Security of the Child by Annette Kussin

Secure Parent, Secure Child by Annette Kussin is an in-depth exploration of the relationship between parents and their children. Based on the Theory of Attachment, this twelve-chapter parenting book explores how a parent’s adult attachment style influences their parenting relationship with their children and the attachment of the child.  Kussin suggests that “children who experience loving, …

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Love Will Out: A Newfoundland Story by David Michael

St. John’s was a visceral shock to them. In a hansom cab, on their way to the Crosbie Hotel on Duckworth Street, they saw faceless people sealed inside heavy woolen jackets, with hoods pulled up to protect them from the furious April gale. Like lost souls, they trudged silently down snow-encrusted sidewalks, alongside two-story-high snowbanks …

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Rig Wives by Kelly Earle

Kelly Earle’s husband, who works offshore in the oil industry, inspired her to write Rig Wives. Interviews with other rig wives tell the stories of the women who wait. Their tales of determination, perseverance, and camaraderie, while their husbands engage in one of the most dangerous occupations in the world, are an inspiration to all.